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Hey so i’ll try to make this short so you don’t get bored, my sister’s birthday is on 10th feb, she doesnt want any presents but she really needs money to buy a video camera. In march she’s going to travel to U.K./Wales to start a research for obtaining her M.A. in Anthropology. She will travel to an ecovillage where she plans to reside for three months and produce a documentary film. She can manage with the travel expenses, and for living is all about nature but still she needs a camera to film the movie. We dont have the money but we are trying to raise them. This is her dream, this is something she really needs and we could really use some help so any contribution, however small, is more than welcome. 

This is where you can contribute, read all about this and the film. There are also some rewards!

If you can’t contribute, at least please go on my blog and click on the links, i added ads. they may not help that much but they still do. It doesn’t cost you anything. just 5 seconds. And also, every reblog helps, please spread this a little good in you wont ruin anything! :)